Hyper Cannibal Roller Skate Wheels

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Hyper Cannibal Roller Skate Wheels Summary

Pro Indoor race formulation

Hand poured VOODOO-THANE material around a machined aluminum hub.  The aluminum hub stretches the entire length of the wheel to ensure control.  Slightly more urethane increases cornering ability while maintaining control.

Blue:  62mm – Soft 
Orange:  62mm – Hard

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5 product stars
orange cannibals - jeff - 8/26/2009
ive skated on orange ones of these for 10 months and i cant fault them. they grip like blue witch doctors but roll a lot faster especially in corners,and ive never heard of anyone damaging a set!

5 product stars
wheels - rink employee - 10/10/2011
i am a jamskater but also work at my local rink. I had an orange set of the wheel and they dont hold an edge on the wheel. The wheel lasted a few months for me. Keep in mind that I skate very hard on my skates.

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