Hyper Shaman Roller Skate Wheels

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Hyper Shaman Roller Skate Wheels Summary

Sure Grip Skates

NEW wheels made in the USA by Sure-Grip!

So fast - it must have come from the other side. Anodized aluminum hub to give super speed and ultra light. VooDoo Magic Urethane from Wicked Lip Tradition. 
Full size Aluminum Hub with less Urethane for greater top end speed the fastest wheel in the world. With intense grip and the ultimate in speed, the Shaman is the #1 indoor speed wheel. Aluminum anodized hub is designed to withstand bearing oil corrosion and thermal heat. Low profile wheel radius results in high velocity performance that is unmatched in the industry.

Recommended Surfaces
  • Coated Surfaces and Rink Floors
  • Classic Cold Pour Stinky Urethane
  • 62mm x 42mm
  • Blue (~84A)
  • Green (~93A)
  • Red (~95A)
  • White (~97A)
Hub Style
  • Solid Anodized Blue
Approx Weight
  • ~4.2oz

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5 product stars
best wheel ive ever skated - zach (gibsonsgking) - 6/25/2009
i love this wheel. its a pretty firm wheel, and rolls like it, but has tons of grip. i feel like i have a lot more control in corners and doing pretty much anything. i would highly recommend you get this wheel, i doubt i will ever go back to any of my other wheels again.

5 product stars
Incredible Grip - Quiche's Daddy - 3/10/2018
These are the best wheels I've ever had! They can handle whatever I dream up when I freestyle. I never lose grip when I'm jam skating or shuffling. I use the green 93A rating which is a softer wheel -yet these stand up to me riding them on their edges! They don't "cone." I could iceberg all day without wearing these wheels down. I have one minor issue -if your buying them for the art, just know that the printing on my last two sets wore off the first time I used them. Best to just take them off with steel wool before you install the wheels.

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