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Roller Bones Turbo Roller Skate Wheels Summary

  • Roller bones team wheels have proven competition shapes poured in a high rebound, easy to ride, medium hard, long-lasting formula
  • Our unique urethane and high level of quality control make our wheels the best on the planet
  • Roller bones Turbo wheels have an excellent combination of grip and roll and work on a variety of surfaces

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5 product stars
Best derby wheel - Bruce Klein - 3/5/2012
I have the 92A's for sportcourt.They have as much grip as softer wheels but great roll.As a derby ref I was able to keep up with the pack on the outside without any slip.Just tried them on a wood floor with fresh roll on and I swear they are as fast as my 97A Hyper Shamans.Very smooth,very light.These wheels are worth every penny.Best wheels I've ever skated on,period.

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