Sure-Grip Power Plus Roller Skate Wheels

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Sure-Grip Power Plus Roller Skate Wheels Summary

62mm x 40mm
Top Quality High End Speed Wheels! Made in the USA!
Feel the Power (Plus) with precise bearing alignment in a matrix designed aluminum hub,
cold pour urethane loaded with grip on any surface.

The General Order of Hardness:
(from softest to hardest)
Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green

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5 product stars
power plus - john - 3/20/2012
I find that the purple wheels are near perfect on any good clean floor . They have good roll , speed and grip . Three skaters in the house with a set of these in purple . One set of the black in the house . They are really smooth , soak up the bumps , cracks and dirt .

5 product stars
Sure Grip Wheels. - Ron Yeazell - 11/6/2016
I just wanted to get this off my chest. My friend and I bought a couple pair with out much knowledge of the wheels. We were looking more for color and price. H bought the purple 97A and I bought the green ones. Absolutely Love the wheels from the start. We tell everyone about them.

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