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Vanilla 360 Roller Skate Boots Summary

We are so incredibly excited about this skate, it was designed by pro skater Tony Zane, it has such a unique look and such an amazing feel. Seriously, it is the most comfortable boot Vanilla has ever made.

With the microfiber lining you will feel your foot nestled inside, the denim outside, is so tough and durable it can take on all that you desire! The rubber outsole will make sure it lasts for you!

4-13 | Men's sizes, ladies go down a size for best fit.
Sizing Tip: Go up one size from current skates, they run small

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1 product stars
0 out of five wasn't an option - Russ - 8/22/2017
The boot, though stylish, leaves much to be desired. Mainly the blisters it causes on my ankles when I skate in n them. Regardless of how many pairs of socks I have on (and I have tried wearing no socks in a desperate attempt to avoid this issue) they still want to rub my ankles raw. I don't care what anyone says, comfort comes before style. These did not make the cut. Hope this helps

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