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Sure-Grip Powertrac Roller Skate Plates Summary

High-end speed rollerskate chassis featuring high polished aluminum chassis, double action, reverse pivot pin action, lightweight parts, micro adjustment, four cushion hardnesses, 5/8" adjustable toe stop. Uses a 9/32" axle
  • Genuine suregrip urethane bushings for controlled turning and maximum manueverability.
  • Super light weight for speed skating


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5 product stars
sgi power-track - randy - 6/7/2009
this plate has sum very precise action. altho the one i got was slightly over-sized, it still would have to be the best speed plate ive ever bought. it is alot lighter than my previous plates. also i heard a rumor that the axles will start to wobble and eventually come out the truck housing. but this is just what ive heard,ive been skating on this plate for almost 6 months now & the only trouble ive had is because of the slight over-sizing of the plate (which is just an unfortunate happing for me). but if your a speed skater or jamskater and dont mind spending the for it, then this plate is for you.

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