Sure-Grip Zombie Roller Skate Wheels

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Sure-Grip Zombie Roller Skate Wheels Summary

This is a new wheel designed with the derby market in mind, but great for other skaters as well.

All Zombie wheels are made in the USA. Zombie wheels feature anodized aluminum hubs for maximum durability and precise feel while maintaining rock solid stability. This allows our unique urethane compounds to deliver all your power to the floor. Choose the Zombie combination that fits your skating style and surface

Zombie wheels come in 3 different durometers (hardness):

- 89A Purple Core – Polished concrete and other slippery surfaces for insane grip.  Can also be used as a pusher wheel.

- 92A Black Core – For use on coated surfaces and tile.  Loaded with an insane mix of grip and speed.

- 95A Red Core – For use on sticky surfaces, track, or soft skate court where a hard wheel is desired for increased roll.

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